Outplacement programme AT as3 We support you before, during and after redundancies

AS3 outplacement helps your employees land new jobs

We can provide support in every situation, whether you are terminating a few or many employees and whether the employees are on an hourly basis, salaried employees, directors or executives.

We will support you through the entire process: before, during and after the redundancies. Experience shows that the earlier we are involved in the process the better it will be for all concerned.

Deal with a single partner and save money and time

Choosing AS3 as your partner may actually also mean savings in both time and money. Outplacement is an investment, because when those you are making redundant find a new job, you will typically be able to save the cost of their salary for the last part of their period of notice.

At AS3 we perform all forms of outplacement tasks, allowing you to deal with only one partner.

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Individual programmes for employees, managers and executives

Outplacement for employees and managers

Our outplacement programmes provides free access to personal advice, unique digital tools, online training and workshops. Here you can see our leaflet, which you may hand out to your employee made redundant.


Outplacement for executives

We offer a range of programmes that match conditions for directors on a global labour market. These programmes include counselling about, for example, the director’s contract, personal branding and the use of networks.


We support employees - until they have the right job

The outplacement offer 'Together, we land you a job' gives the employee free access to personal counselling, group activities and our digital job universe. We will support until the employee have a new job. Simple and effective.

The employee get a personal counsellor who will follow you until you reach your goal. For most people, the goal is a great new job; for others, it could be starting their own business, an education or something else altogether.

Feedback from previous job-seekers shows that an AS3 program is also about a personal growth that the employee can benefit from in the future.

Shorter programmes 

There may also be cases where a shorter programme is more relevant.

These programmes can be limited in time, number of meetings and activities. But they do set an effective process in motion, with specific action, which allows
those made redundant to increase their opportunities for quickly finding a new job again.

Outplacement is a good investment

The price for an outplacement is less than a monthly salary. When the redundancy starts in a new job, you often save wages in the last two or three months of the notice period. 9 out of 10 gets a job within a period of 3-6 months.

Follow the current status on your employees

You will also be able to access our Partner Portal. Here, you receive a comprehensive overview of the ongoing and completed outplacement programmes and will be able to extract relevant status reports and follow implemented activities on an ongoing basis.

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”It provides safety within the organisation, by helping employees, who have been made redundant, further on, which means outplacement definitely is a good investment for us.” Hanne Blume, Senior Vice President, TDC NetCo

Individual counselling is the foundation

AS3's courses are all individually adapted to the candidate, with personal 1-1 sessions as the main element. We can match the candidate with up to 100 dedicated outplacement counsellors in our 17 offices across the country.

It is crucial that the quality of the advice is the best in the market. That is why we have the most comprehensive onboarding process, where our experienced counsellors must pass a job search exam and an accredited coaching training.

Our digital universe is the candidates shortcut to the next job

AS3 continuously develops our digital univers that link the candidate more closely to the job market and motivates effective job searching. And we have collected all the tools the candidate needs in one place.

With the help of AI, the candidate is matched, for example, directly with current positions from various job portals, company pages and LinkedIn. The system remembers the candidate's preferences and serves new, relevant job suggestions - every day.

The candidate also easily creates a CV and application materials and trains the job interview so that he or she is attractive to the job market. At the same time, the professional relationships are strengthened online via AS3's extensive network and many recruiting partner companies.

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Online Education or outplacement?

With LinkedIn Learning, your employees gets free access to +15,000 business-oriented courses. So if you are in doubt about whether you should choose an outplacement or education for your employee, you can get both in the same AS3 programme.

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9 out of 10

gets a job with help from AS3

are satisfied or very satisfied with their programme at AS3


Seminars for managers and employees

We support the organization before, during and after redundancies

Seminar: Redundancy with dignity

Redundancy is a leadership task that requires special consideration. It is a natural part of running a business, but can also be emotionally challenging. It is therefore vital that the manager feels well-prepared to ensure that the employee is mad redundant with dignity.

Seminar: The challenging dialogue

The seminar prepares managers in this critical phase of the communication process and supports the management group in formulating answers that can be used throughout the organisation.


Orientation meeting for employees

The overall objective of the meeting is to ensure that the employee feels secure and confident about the ongoing process offered by the company. At the meeting the employees will have the opportunity, in a confidential setting, to describe and understand the natural reactions to receiving notice of redundancy. Therefore, this meeting is only for employees who have been made redundant, without any managers.

Job seeking course

Our basic philosophy is that self-reflection and setting personal goals for the future are necessary before starting to actively seek a new job. Therefore this course is far much more than just a course about how to write a job application. Accordingly, we focus on the employee and the future; and not just on how to look for a new job.

Seminar: A decent closure

The future has been decided, but this does not necessarily mean that individual employees or managers are clear about their future. Before this clarification can be achieved, there is a risk that the employee or manager’s own productivity, relations with others, and day-to-day focus may be affected.

Seminar: How to move forward

The future is clear in relation to what is going to take place at organisational level, but each employee or manager may not necessarily be clear about his or her own future. There is therefore a risk that productivity, focus or motivation will suffer. The risk is greatest as long as the future is unclear, and this period may well drag out.

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Did you know that:

  • We have 500 employees in Denmark and almost 1,000 in the Nordic countries
  • We have 16 offices across Denmark and can also do counseling from our many Nordic offices
  • 650 of the 1,000 largest Danish companies are our customers
  • We advise about 10,000 employees made redundant each year in Denmark
  • We are partners with LHH, the leading global outplacement provider. That way we can offer counselling throughout the world.


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