evi - developed by as3 Measuring well-being at the workplace

Are you aware of the level of well-being at your workplace?

Evi is a fast and easy way of measuring well-being and the risk of stress in the same survey. Tha platform also provides knowledge and tools that will support managers, HR and employees.

Easy to use

Getting started with Evi is easy and the survey takes only five minutes to complete.

Frequent measurements

Evi measures on an ongoing basis; typically 4-6 times a year. This provides you with an overview of well-being and risk of stress, which allows you to adjust initiatives.


This well-being survey is based on 15 evidence-based questions, which are related to the workplace.

Anonymous survey

All responses are anonymous and GDPR-compliant. Managers are able to receive a compiled report if at least five employees complete the survey.





Immediate results

Inspiration for employees

Employees receive individual results immediately and can work with their own well-being, by receiving access to easy tools and good advice.

Follow progress

Employees are also able to follow their progress over time. This allows them to reflect on the initiatives that increase their well-being.


It increases the possibility of constructive dialogues about workplace challenges and establishes a culture that focuses on action.

Evi supports managers and HR

Intro and ongoing training

Surveys don't improve well-being automatically. They require action to create any real value. We will equip your managers and HR staff for their work with the results of the survey and their initiatives towards helping improve well-being at your workplace.

Counselling for those affected by stress

Evi places a team of well-being counsellors at the disposal of employees who are at risk of suffering from stress. This is our way of ensuring that those employees who find it hard to resolve their situation in collaboration with their manager are also taken care of.


The Manager will have a solid overview of how well the department is thriving, and of where there is a risk of stress. You can follow the survey results for your department over time, to evaluate which measures have the greatest impact on well-being and stress at your workplace.


Start-up price of EUR 2,000 and annual fee per. employee


EUR 40,-

annual, per employee

Learn about well-being and the risk of stress at your workplace

  • Well-being survey - as often as you need
  • Online well-being counselling of employees and managers
  • Dashboard


EUR 45,-

annual, per employee

Expand Evi with your own questions and get AS3's recommendations

  • Well-being survey - as often as you need
  • Online well-being counselling of employees and managers
  • Dashboard
  • Data analysis
  • Recommended initiatives
  • Add your own questions


EUR 120,-

annual, per employee

Supplement Evi with training and individual coaching for managers

  • Well-being survey - as often as you need
  • Online well-being counselling of employees and managers
  • Dashboard
  • Data analysis
  • Recommended initiatives
  • Add your own questions
  • Full-day seminar for managers
  • Status meetings and plan of action for management and HR
  • Coaching of managers (4 annual sessions per manager)

Contact us

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Frequently asked questions

Can we change the questions?

The actual purpose of Evi is to make a valid prediction of the risk and degree of stress by asking as few questions as possible. The questions are based on research and responses are input to an advanced calculation model. If we change the wording or remove questions, we lose evidence. Therefore, it is not possible to change the questions.

Can the questions be misunderstood?

There will always be a small risk of this. But the questions and their wording are based on international research about which questions are best suited to provide indicators about employees' well-being.

How do we get ready for the first measurement?

We plan an initial course with you that covers technical setup, practical planning internally with you and a workshop for your managers.

Why do you call it a well-being survey, when evi also gauges the risk of stress?

This is to keep things as simple as possible. Well-being and stress are closely connected. For example, an employee's well-being will increase or reduce the risk that the employee will develop stress. In other words, the better the employee's well-being, the lower the likelihood that he or she will suffer from stress.

Can you suffer from stress while in a state of well-being?

Yes. An employee can be thriving at work, but can still begin to suffer from stress. Likewise, an employee can be failing to thrive at work, without necessarily suffering from stress. Normally though, there will be a connection between both situations.

Why does evi only address workplace issues?

Because this is where the workplace is able to take steps and make a difference. It is absolutely correct that if an employee is not thriving in their private life, this will probably become manifested in the context of their work. The reverse is also true, but Evi allows the company's management to take responsibility at work.