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we have worked on a wide range of change processes, together with more than 1,000 Nordic companies and organisations since 1989?

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We always have constructive collaborations with our clients, who have contributed to our development and to the creation of new solutions for the benefit of others.

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Do you have a minute?

In AS3 we use a picture of a mountain to describe the process people go through when they experience significant changes. We have boiled it down to one minute.

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Do you need to know how people react in times of change then read our e-book about transitions.

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Counselling nationwide

With more than 100 counsellors, consultants and coaches throughout the country and within all industries, we can meet the needs of virtually everyone – from unskilled worker to CEO. We are experienced businesspeople with extensive knowledge of the labour market.

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Global cooporation

We can provide counselling and coaching globally through coorporation with US-based Lee Hecht Harrison. Furthermore we provide Spouse Career Support in connection with job relocation.