About AS3 Transition

AS3 is one of the leading Nordic HR consultancies with more than 700 employees and certified freelance and management consultants. Read more about our history.

At AS3 Transition, an independent subsidiary of AS3, we help companies and organisations implement changes and reach their business goals. We do this by focusing on the individual in a change process because successful change depends on the understanding and acceptance of every person involved. We call this Job Transition Management – a leadership approach that seeks to secure a competitive edge and the agility required in a changing world.

We can contribute at every level

We provide solutions for all industries, locally and globally – and at all levels. We are specialists in helping organisations with growth, implementation of new strategies, mergers, relocations, closures, acquisitions, organisational adjustments, savings, dismissals and efficiency measures. We can also help tackle daily management challenges at the individual level. We have a tradition of building long term relationships with our clients, and we are committed to delivering a high quality, specialised service every time.

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Counselling at AS3

AS3 offices in the Nordic countries and counselling globally

True presence and trust are fundamentals in the personal conversations that comprise our counselling, consulting and coaching. With a large number of AS3 offices we are present throughout Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, and we can offer counselling, coaching and a variety of group activities close to every city. Our counsellors have a business career and managerial experience on their CV, and they are all trained in conducting personal conversations, teaching and facilitating group processes.

All AS3 counsellors, consultants and coaches have completed a certification programme at our own AS3 Academy to ensure a thorough understanding of our concept and professionalism. In addition to the AS3 Academy training, completion of the Transition Coach Programme at Foundation level is required. This provides a practical knowledge about our understanding of the concept of coaching. The coaching programme is accredited with a European Quality Award from the independent European industry association, European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC).

We have a long-standing exclusive partnership with international LHH with over 300 offices in more than 60 countries. To learn more about international opportunities offered by AS3, please contact Jens Daa Hankert, Director of our International Department, at jdh@as3.dk.

Spouse career support

We also offer Spouse Career Support in connection with job relocation. When it comes to attracting and retaining key employees across borders, the accompanying spouse’s well-being is essential to a successful relocation. An individually-tailored career development programme for accompanying spouses provides professional coaching and support before, during and after the stay abroad. To learn more about Spouse Career Support, please contact Mette Pontoppidan, Director, Account & Quality, at mp@as3.dk.    

What we believe in


We believe that the labour market will become increasingly mobile within the next few years and will move in three directions. Companies and organisations will lack qualified labour, the need to retain key employees will grow and decision processes will become faster as changes become more common and frequent. Increased agility is required to maintain competitiveness and create growth. We must all take these challenges seriously. When counselling on business and job changes, our ambition is to be the best, as reflected in our vision:

“We strive to be the Nordic region’s best and most respected in the field of Job Transition Managment.”


We want to be perceived as the leader in ensuring that people thrive in their jobs. You will discover this commitment in everything we do. We believe that a clear job identity enriches people, while also enabling them to better manage a changing world. Therefore, we work according to the following mission: 

“We prepare you today to manage changes tomorrow.”


Everything we do is based on our values: Decent, business-oriented and long term.

To be the leader in the Nordic market and to help ensure that other companies and organisations remain healthy businesses, we must be business-oriented – and to be the most respected, we must be decent. Being business-oriented and decent enables us to establish ourselves as a partner who offers long term solutions.