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Good management requires effort – jointly and individually

Quality of management may be the most crucial criterion for success with your business strategy. But good management is a team sport that calls for a secure team spirit within the management group, where managers’ differences create effective synergies rather than silo thinking.

Our business psychologists and management coaches design – together with you – the optimal management development process for the organisation, based specifically on your management group’s strategic objectives, mutual relationships and individual development needs.

The most efficient management development process is created by working in parallel at both the group and individual levels. We strengthen leadership across the organisation with joint workshops and webinars, and we can supplement with individual coaching courses or personality tests when relevant to supporting the individual’s manager’s own development.



We typically start the process with a full-day physical workshop. Here we create a common picture of the direction of the process, align expectations with the content and roles and take the first steps on the journey – together. We will agree jointly on the number of workshops to be held, with respect to your needs and wishes.


Frequent touch points create good results and are easy to fit into a busy working day. Our short online webinars focus on development areas and agreements, evaluate progress and gather feedback from participants. We adjust the number of webinars according to your geographical distribution.

Individual coaching programme

Achieving a common goal requires different adjustments for each manager. In the confidential coaching room, the manager can focus on her/his developmental areas and contribution to the common goal. The interview may be physical or via AS3’s online coaching platform, LevelUp.

Individual personality tests

People are different. This also applies to managers. Diversity in the management group can be a strategic competitive advantage or an explosive cocktail. We often use the personality profile OPQ32, so that all managers get a good understanding of their own and others’ preferences and managerial skills.
“Thanks to their good and professional way of communicating things, where they really met our managers at 'eye level' and spiced up the webinars with practical examples and a good sense of humour, we have received very good feedback on them in HR.” Connie Belling, Head of HR at BASF

Management development with AS3 gives you:

  • A clearer common picture of the management group’s goals and direction
  • Strengthened internal cooperation and mutual understanding in the management group
  • Personal development in relation to own leadership style through increased self-reflection
  • A common language for each other’s values and differences
  • An overview of the stakeholders’ different (and opposite) expectations and needs
  • A psychologically secure culture in the management group where you can speak openly about doubts and errors
  • Concrete, simple tools to remember and use in a busy working day
  • The possibility of using our digital coaching platform, LevelUp

A tailor-made process

We will design the optimal course for your managers – together. We actively listen to your needs to make sure that the benefits match expectations. We supplement with our most popular, tried and tested workshops on change management, distance management, feedback cultures, well-being, and stress prevention, if it matches your needs.

Theory meets curiosity

Our methods are based on recognised theory and research – but in a language that is easy to understand, with plenty of examples. AS3 has 30 years of solid experience to build on, but we also know that every problem is new and therefore requires curiosity, understanding and innovation. So we always bring these attributes to every meeting with managers.

Professional upgrading

We are happy to prepare managers for a specific problem, e.g., the difficult conversation, handling violations, remote management or talking with the victims of stress. We may organise special company teams and workshops, or our experts may participate (virtually or physically) as part of your internal management academy.

We match our experts to your wishes

Our management consultants are experienced managers and business psychologists. We are all certified business coaches and trained intermediaries – but otherwise we are quite different when it comes to gender, age and background.

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