LINKEDIN LEARNING with AS3 Optimise your skills - while applying for a job

Are you keeping your professional skills honed when searching for a job?

Online education is a part of AS3's longer outplacement programmes. With LinkedIn Learning, as a jobseeker you have free access to +15,000 vocational courses.

So, if you are in doubt about whether to choose an outplacement programme or training course, you can benefit from both at AS3.

Upskilling within your working area

LinkedIn Learning has a wealth of professional knowledge within the main categories:

  • Business (business strategy, economy, HR, marketing, sales etc.)
  • Creative (graphic design, UX, video, photo etc.)
  • Technology (software development, CMS, data intelligence etc.)

The teachers are international experts who share their experiences and the latest knowledge. The different courses are divided into:

  • Strategic courses, related to specific professional topics
  • Practical courses, where you will learn to use different tools/software through practice

Do you find 15,000 courses a little confusing? Fortunately, LinkedIn Learning helps you select the latest and most relevant topics in your field of interest. AS3's advisers do the same.

We support you - until you have the right job 

You have all the opportunities to hone your skills within the working areas that YOU would like to add on your CV. This is useful if you want to 'close skill gaps' in relation to your current industry. Or if you want to try something new.

For job interviews, it is also an advantage that you have kept busy during your period of unemployment.

Use LinkedIn Learning as needed

You decide which topics you want to focus on and when. In that way, you have access to new knowledge when you feel most motivated.

Job search help

LinkedIn Learning also includes courses on personal branding, presentation techniques and CV. It can complement your other AS3 programmes.

Want to know more?

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