workshop Take responsibility for your own work/life-balance

Most people will recognise the challenges that lie in creating a reasonable balance between family life and working life. There are demands from both sides, but also a desire that both aspects of life should develop and thrive. This can be difficult and represents a challenge to the so-called work/life-balance. 


It is management's responsibility to establish the framework in which employees can thrive and be effective in their work and thus achieve the targets they have been set. But employees also have a great deal of responsibility; managing their own energy and priorities appropriately in relation to the business framework and their targets. Is there harmony between work and home? Is there work/life balance?

Our workshop, 'Efficiency and well-being', creates an understanding for employees about their responsibility in relation to their own well-being and efficiency in the workplace.

Maintain a healthy work/life-balance

Participants are given specific tools and insights into how they can optimise a busy working day under pressure, use their energy optimally and thereby increase their own well-being and personal efficiency, prevent stress and maintain an optimum work/life-balance.

The workshop is a half-day workshop, held onsite. Its starting point is current focus areas and contains both presentations and practical exercises.