individual counselling Stress costs; for people and society alike

According to WHO, stress will be the most important cause of illness in 2020. It is already costing Danish society approximately 14 billion DKK a year. That means 40 million DKK, every single day. Furthermore add the human consequences. 

Different reasons for stress

Lack of well-being and stress are familiar issues in many companies and organisations. Causes can vary greatly and may be due to personal or work-related challenges, or a combination.

Stress is not an illness as such, but it can make you ill and cause you to take time off work. Stress is a condition that is caused by pressure and it can occur when people experience imbalance between demands and resources, relationships and values. It can arise abruptly and be short-lived. It can also be chronic. 

Well-being creates results

Well-being and performance are closely linked to good and clear leadership. There is no doubt that people who thrive achieve the best results, are less sick and find it easier to navigate when they meet challenges and changes.

Well-being and stress are complex issues. Therefore, it is essential that both manager, colleagues and the person affected by a stress/failure to thrive are aware of the danger signs and make their own active efforts to get to grips with the problem.

Becoming the manager of one’s own life

We help businesses and organisations  prevent stress. We provide action-oriented, individual, counselling that gives those affected by stressa means of self-reflection and insight that increases their ability to take responsibility for their own situation.

It is our belief (and research backs this up) that taking responsibility for yourself and working in an action-oriented manner is the best way to improve your own situation. The goal is to become the manager of one’s own life.

Three-party meeting has an effect

The programme typically extends over several months and contains sessions with a personal counsellor. When compared with the drawbacks of anonymous health insuranceschemes, we have found it to be very positive that our programme includes a three-party meeting, where the candidate's direct superior is also involved in the process.

This provides a strong basis for achieving long-term effect and avoiding relapse. 

AS3 prevents stress and reduces sicness absence