INDIVIDUal counselling Support to prevent and handle stress

The reasons for stress and lack of well-being can vary greatly and may be due to personal or work-related challenges, or a combination. Stress is not an illness as such, but it can make you ill and cause you to take time off work. 

Stress is a condition that is caused by pressure and it can occur when people experience imbalance between demands and resources, relationships and values. It can arise abruptly and be short-lived or be chronic and especially the cronic stress can have serious personal consequences.  

Individual programme for individual needs

We provide action-oriented, individual, counselling for you as a employee or manager that gives a means of self-reflection and insight that increases your ability to take responsibility for your own situation.

The programme will typically last several months where you regularly can meet with your personal and confidential counsellor.


The programme typically extends over several months and contains sessions with a personal counsellor. When compared with the drawbacks of anonymous health insuranceschemes, we have found it to be very positive that our programme includes a three-party meeting, where the candidate's direct superior is also involved in the process.

This provides a strong basis for achieving long-term effect and avoiding relapse. 

Trivelsesledelse - trivsel på arbejdspaldsen

Stress and sickness absence