Performancecoaching Your results are directly correlated to your well-being

Your well-being is crucial to your ability to create value and satisfy expectations; not only at the workplace, but also at home. This offer of performance coaching will help you maintain balance in your life.  

You are a key person

A key employee; this is how the company or organisation you work for regards you. They are counting on you and therefore also want to look out for you.

For you to continue your development and your career, it is crucial that you thrive and experience consistency between your professional life and your personal life. Otherwise, in the long term, you may run the risk of being unable to maintain your drive, your commitment and ability to continue to deliver good results. 

Establish balance in your life

In addition to your development, you are therefore being offered a performance coaching programme, which consists of personal, confidential coaching with an experienced counsellor. By using reflection and specific tasks, this programme will give you tools to become even more conscious of your values and priorities and of what is required to create a continuous balance in your life; on all fronts.

All our counsellors are themselves experienced professionals and know what it is like to work in an organisation or a company with strong focus on productivity and getting results.

The counsellor knows your situation

Before meeting your counsellor for the first time, you need to have a talk with your immediate manager, where you will gauge expectations, objectives and how you will benefit from performance coaching.   

The programme lasts a few months and a good way to round it off is at a sign-off meeting at which you and your immediate manager will meet and discuss future targets, and where the counsellor will be an independent observer. This will allow you to achieve the most lasting effect. 

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Performance coaching

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