Stress is everywhere

That stress is a serious problem i shown by the following figures derived from Stressforeningen in Denmark

  • 430,000 Danes have severe stress symptoms every day. This is roughly 12 % of the population.
  • Up to a quarter of all sickness absence is caused by stress. This corresponds to 35,000 Danes off sick every day.
  • Between 250,000-300,000 Danes suffer from severe stress.
  • Stress costs society 14 billion DKK a year in the form of sick days, premature deaths and costs to the health service.
  • Stress is to blame for a million days of absence per year, 30,000 hospitalisations, 3,000 early-retirement pensions and 500,000 inquiries in general practice every year.
  • According to WHO, stress will be one of the most important causes of illness in 2020.