Meet your coach: Carsten Agerlin

Note: the video is in Danish

"Carsten Agerlin is an inspiring consultant with great overview and humour. Always well prepared and with extensive insight." Preben Schack Meyer, Principal at U/NORD

Special focus on

Transition management | Competence development | Personal values | Management

Carsten on coaching, leadership and changes

My entire career has always required me to work with people and their personal development. My passion is to help people identify and develop their competences so that they can act in accordance with their beliefs and values. It is my deep conviction that a person cannot concentrate on other people until they have reached a state of personal clarification.

I strive to give managers an understanding of themselves as 'gardeners’ rather than 'mechanics'.

The human aspects of change are my true passion and my job, and I strive towards finding a way to be able to choose between multiple solutions in situations that are characterised by change.

I am curious about how things can be made simpler, yet without making them too simple. Some people are able to explain things in a more complex way than I can, and that is fine with me.

Carsten Agerlin

  • Individually accredited coach (EIA) with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) at Senior Practitioner level
  • Certified e-coach via eCoachPro
  • Systemics Coach, Dispuk
  • EMCC chairman in Denmark
  • 35 years of experience in providing support for personal and organisational development in the Danish business community
  • Head of Education and Development in the RealDanmark Group before its merger with Danske Bank
  • Five years as head of People Development at Girobank
  • 18 years as manager and management development consultant at Danske Bank
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