LevelUp online coaching What is a typical coaching programme like?

The programme

A LevelUp coaching programme can take many forms and will be adapted to your employee’s situation and the needs of the organisation on an ongoing basis.

To give you an impression of the various activities and phases that are typically involved, you can see an example of a coaching programme below.


Age: 34

Position: New to a role in middle management

Challenge: Experiences major challenges in her transition from being an employee to becoming a manager.

Anna's situation

Anna has come to the company to perform a middle management role after a few years of employment in a non-managerial position with another company.

She finds that her priorities often differ from those of management. She also works more than usual, even outside normal working hours.

Anna has raised the issue with her immediate manager, and together they have taken the initiative in the form of a coaching programme.

Start-up and three-party meeting

Anna believes that online coaching provides the flexibility that best suits her busy working day.

Anne and the manager hold an introductory three-party meeting with a coach who has experience with her particular challenges. After the meeting, they believe that the coach is a good match.

She gains access to the LevelUp app and is well supported in various start-up activities.

Chat and the first video meeting

Anna and her coach chat about her situation and together they clarify her development goals.

The coach also asks Anna a few questions to consider before their next video meeting.

A few days later, they meet online for a video meeting in the app. Here, they continue to work on concretising the goal in relation to the interests Anna and the organisation have in common and they agree on some tasks that Anna needs to work on in order to reach the goal. They also agree to meet online every two weeks.

After the meeting, Anna completes her first guided reflection, which helps her to follow her development.




Coaching in a busy working day

Anna focuses on the tasks that she and the coach have agreed upon, maintaining regular contact via chat between the video meetings.

Anna’s coach supplements along the way with various questions to reflect on and exercises that help Anna to maintain progress in her development.

Anna also uses the LevelUp app’s option to gather feedback from her manager and two other colleagues.



Flexible collaboration

Anna is called to an ordinary status meeting with her immediate manager. There has been increasing work pressure over the last few weeks, so Anna has become uncertain about whether she is the right person for the job.

Anna therefore writes to her coach, and they agree to hold a brief chat to discuss the situation and find a constructive approach to the status meeting, as well as suggestions for what Anna can do.

The quick response makes it easier for Anna to deal with the situation, and the follow-up evaluation via chat after the meeting helps her to take ownership of the process. She understands and accepts the outcome, but is more clarified about her abilities and what she wants.



Reaching the end goal

After four months of exercises and video coaching, Anna feels that she has achieved her personal objective. She has become better at prioritising and delegating tasks, which has brought greater balance and more energy to her daily life.

Anna and her coach agree to conclude the programme and prepare various exercises that Anna will then work on to maintain the good initiatives.

The course concludes with a final evaluation with Anna and her manager.