coaching Typical themes for a coaching programme

Onboarding a new Colleague

  • What are the priorities, the new role and goals
  • Who are the most important stakeholders and their expectations
  • Leaving the old behind and taking valuable lessons learnt with you
  • Understanding the new culture
  • Planning: What, how, with whom and when

Clear Leadership

  • Efficient cooperation
  • Interaction skills, efficient communications
  • Coaching in leadership
  • Leading change
  • Role, competences, strengths, development areas
  • Emotional intelligence, self leadership, stress
  • Prioritising, delegating, planning
  • Challenging situations

Self-insight and Drive

  • Awareness of self and others
  • Managing self
  • Strong relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Role and most important goals
  • Prioritising and time management
  • Purpose of the work and own values

Increase Engagement

  • Focus on well-being for increased performance, creativity and collaboration
  • Purpose of work and values
  • Stress symptoms
  • Decreasing motivation
  • Challenges in performance
  • Work-life balance
  • Challenging situations

Develop Talent

  • Career options, new responsibilities, internal career
  • Taking responsibility for developing competences, motivation and well-being
  • Challenges in performance or in motivation
  • Supporting talents’ career development and retaining them

Managing through Change

  • What changes, what doesn’t
  • What does the change mean to the employee or manager?
  • Understanding and acceptance of change - as well as commitment
  • Managing different reactions
  • Goal setting and planning how to achieve the goals
  • Effective communication
  • Driving change
  • Different stakeholders and cooperation
  • Clarifying own goal

The Difficult Dialogue

  • Difficult dialogues with colleagues, employees or customers
  • Conflicts, challenges in cooperation
  • Challenges in performance or decreased motivation
  • Disagreement in expectations, common goals or priorities

Strategy into Action

  • Shared view of the future
  • What does it mean for the employee or manager in their role and what they do
  • Planning implementation
  • Engaging others and cooperation
  • Efficient communication

Special Situations

  • Special needs of the client or coachee
  • A programme with a fixed agreed duration or number of meetings
  • Preparing for a challenging situation or clarifying own thinking on a chosen topic
  • Follow-up meeting after a coaching process e.g., 3 months afterwards