Why does outplacement add value

Here are ten good reasons why offering job counselling or outplacement is a good investment.

  1. Structured process  
    You ensure a professional and structured process, providing the best possible process and least possible disturbance in a difficult time. 
  2. Help dismissed employees move forward
    Dismissed employees who receive outplacement counselling have significantly improved chances of quickly finding a new job and advance in their careers compared to employees who are not offered this opportunity.
  3. Rapid action
    Dismissed employees receive immediate professional assistance, helping them find a constructive perspective on the future and their opportunities more quickly.
  4. Send clear signals 
    You will send a clear and tangible signals to the remaining organisation that you are responsible and take care of employees throughout their employment and dismissal process. This provides a sense of security and credibility.
  5. Demonstrate responsibility
    You both convey and practise social responsibility, internally and externally – in relation to the local community, former and potential employees, board members, investors, trade unions, politicians and the media.
  6. Professional counselling
    You receive professional counselling before, during and after the termination process, ensuring clarity in the organisation and help to avoid pitfalls.
  7. Train the managers
    Managers receive proper preparation, ensuring they feel secure about the task. Whether or not they have previously faced such a situation, managers must be mentally ready and thoroughly prepared. You thereby ensure consistent communication and action by individual managers and the management team. 
  8. Ensure a dignified conversation 
    You ensure that the dismissal takes place appropriately and with respect for everyone involved.
  9. Clear communication
    You get a professional and enhanced communication strategy for sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.
  10. Promote optimism in a difficult time
    Dismissed employees will be a little more positive towards the workplace, as you are helping them move forward in a difficult time.
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