Find a job with outplacement

Outplacement is a process in which the dismissed employee can receive coaching from a personal counsellor until finding a new job or other gaining new insight. The dismissed employee can receive confidential counselling and coaching as needed throughout the time period.

Individually oriented

The counsellor will challenge the dismissed employee to set goals, while also managing the current situation, where reactions can vary greatly.

The conversations are always based on the needs of the dismissed employee, but typical topics include social media, job interviews, applications and CV, job goals and network strategy.

Plenty of inspiration for the dismissed employee

Dismissed employees receive access to our digital job forum, where they can use our professional modules and  sign up for a wide range of weekly group and network activities such as workshops, network cafes and job-related webinars.

The job forum also has an online library with numerous videos and knowledge to provide inspiration. The dismissed employees also become part of an active job team, where members share experiences and networks, while helping each other to stay motivated.

Outplacementforløb 6 måneder

6 months

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Outplacementforløb 12 måneder

12 months

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