NEW JOB AND CAREER STRATEGY Outplacement for managers and specialists

Outplacement for managers and specialists is a long term process in which the manager can receive coaching from a special management counsellor until finding a new job, as well as during the first 100 days on the new job.

Each manager’s needs in focus

The counsellor will challenge the manager to set goals and a career strategy, and together they will prepare a strategy and action plan for the process.

The conversations are confidential and are always based on the individual manager’s needs. Common topics of discussion include network strategy, communication plan, change of industry, personal branding and future career paths.

Part of the career forum

The manager will become a part of our career forum, which includes a range of networking opportunities, such as a highly results-oriented manager network.

Dismissed managers also receive access to our digital job universe, where they can register for a range of weekly group and network activities such as workshops and a range of job-related webinars.

Users can also access our professional modules, which address challenges faced by managers in the job search, watch job-related videos and discover lots of knowledge and inspiration.

Outplacementforløb for ledere 6 måneder

6 months

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Outplacementforløb for ledere 12 måneder

12 months

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