Mød din coach: Nana Therkildsen

Note: The video is in Danish

"I meet you where you are. Together with you, I will help you to learn more about your values and your desired goals, so you can succeed in every facet of your life." Nana Therkildsen, Industrial Psychologist and coach

Special focus on

Communication and feedback | Professional relationships | Management and performance | Processes of change | Well-being and stress

Nana Therkildsen

  • EMCC Certified Senior Practitioner Coach
  • Business Psychologist, coach and professional manager for AS3’s stress coaching programme
  • Three years as a psychological consultant with Roskilde Municipality 
  • Three years as a member of the Board of Directors at Danish children's charity Børns Vilkår as counsellor representative
  • MSC in psychology from the University of Copenhagen
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Coaching is a collaboration

I consider myself to be a sounding board and somebody who can challenge and help you to broaden your perspective on your situation. I believe you already have the answers, but I can help you to find them.

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