99 % are satisfied with their job counsellor’s commitment

True presence and trust are fundamentals in the personal conversations that comprise our counselling, consulting and coaching.

With counselling offices throughout the country, we can offer counselling, coaching and a variety of group activities close to every city. Our counsellors have a business career and managerial experience on their CV, and they are all trained in conducting personal conversations, teaching and facilitating group processes.

Professionalism in everything we do

All AS3 counsellors, consultants and coaches have completed a certification programme at our own AS3 Academy to ensure a thorough understanding of our concept and professionalism. In addition to the AS3 Academy training, completion of the Transition Coach Programme at Foundation level is required. This provides a practical knowledge about our understanding of the concept of coaching. The coaching programme is accredited with a European Quality Award from the independent European industry association, European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC).


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We have counselling offices throughout the country

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