Management seminar Management seminar: Achieve agility through change management

A change has two sides: a business-oriented and a human side. If these two are not balancing, it is conceivable that the desired effect of the change will not be achieved.

Resistance calls for leadership

The human side of change is often underestimated in the effort to create results. In today’s high-paced world, change management, agility and flexibility are high on the agenda of many organisations. The ability to continuously remain efficient is essential to future growth and success.

We offer various versions of the management seminar on “Transition Management”, which provides insight into how good leadership in change situations begins with good leadership on a daily basis.

As a manager it is important to be prepared for employees’ reactions and potential resistance to changes. These things ultimately impact the bottom line.

Change actions through change management

The seminar focuses on the concept of transition, combined with insights into how people react when change occurs. This insight can help a manager to take different and individual action, and to manage different reactions from employees.

Managers are given an understanding of how to interpret where their employees are in a change process and to convert this knowledge.

It is also crucial that the management team has a common perspective and language to ensure clarity and credibility. As managers themselves can react to change, individual interviews can be added.

Appetiser for the actual process

A management seminar on Transition Management provides insight into how a focused approach can make a lasting positive impact on a company or organisation that regularly has to adapt and adjust.

The seminar lasts at least half a day and can be seen as an appetiser to the 'Transition Management Programme'.