LEADERSHIP TRAINING Focus on establishing clear leadership

Changes is a condition of doing business and changes requires leadership focus. This is true whether a one-man office becomes a shared office, or if the company is facing a merger. Your daily efforts as a manager are what truly create the basis forsuccessful changes.  

Maintaining executive momentum

We should actually talk less about the changes themselves and more about how we can maintain the required high pace in a changing work environment.

The really interesting question is how individuals or the organisation as a whole can maintain executive momentum with frequently changing routines and methods.

Leadership training with new mindset

The Transition Management Programme, is a development program that aims to help participants be clearer in their leadership role and successfully implement effective changes.

We focus on what is typically overlooked – the human side of change processes.

Reflect on your own practice

The programme involves classroom teaching and individual coaching sessions in which participants strengthen their own management practice by focusing on a specific change process, reflecting on its significance and on how to implement it successfully.

The programme is available in several different formats: for individuals, for groups and teams as well as in a digital, e-learning style version.

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Leadership training

Transition Management Programme

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