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Most employees face demands to be prepared for change and to be flexible and adaptable. They understand that changes are necessary, but many find it difficult to change their behaviour or truly accept the new conditions. Why is this the case? 

When is a person prepared for change?

Agility is about being able to adapt to a new situation and ensuring one’s market value. Some people thrive when met with ongoing changes, while others have the opposite reaction.

People react differently to the same change, because the importance of the change varies from person to person. It is important to understand that all reactions are natural and that individuals require different amounts of time before they feel ready for the new situation.  

Focus on motivation

The employee seminar “Changes in a positive perspective”, examines the concept of change and focuses on employee motivation. The aim is to maintain executive momentum in connection with changes.

Establish a common language

We do this by establishing a common language and an understanding of the concept of transition. Therefore, the greatest impact is achieved if the employees’ managers participate in a 'Transition Management' seminar at the same time.

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Employee Development

Changes in a positive perspective

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