Coaching Unfolding personal leadership through coaching

An individual coaching programme for managers can be a catalyst for turning a problem in a positive direction.

Professional and impartial coaching that focuses on achieving rather than just creating. Or perhaps this individual, development-oriented, confidential space will give support to allow someone to find the most advantageous solution to a challenge, or to use their resources and capabilities in a better way.

Unfolding personal leadership

Through coaching, we challenge and develop personal leadership and create successful managers. By focusing on how to manage and develop your leadership, we help ensure that you are seen as a manager with high value.

Necessary feedback

Not all leaders are given the necessary feedback to continue to develop in their role. Often the manager is not even aware of how a constructive feedback culture can ensure the continuation of ongoing development. A programme that involves coaching can help in this area.

It can also help to identify challenges and dilemmas and to develop the initiatives and leadership behaviours that are necessary for better results, higher impact and greater personal success as a manager.

Transition coaching

The concept of coaching can be interpreted and applied in many different ways. Our point of departure is Transition Coaching - a dialogical, understanding-oriented conversation that focuses on capabilities and action based on an understanding of one's own situation.

The programme is confidential and adapted to the individual. Objectives are laid down in advance, and can be management-related, business-related or organisational.   

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Individual coaching

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