CAREER CLARIFICATION Do you unfold the full potential of your employees?

The key to growth and strong competitiveness must be found in highly competent managers and employees who achieve the expected results. Perhaps it is not always necessary to recruit new people when you need to bring new skills to your organisation. Maybe you can develop your current employees.

Individual career plans

By actively involving your employees in their future career choices and upgrading their qualifications to suit the needs of your organisation, you retain their experience, insight and knowledge. It can be of great importance both culturally and in human terms and can also make good financial sense.

Career clarification is especially useful to:

  • bring each persons ideas to the table about what they are able and willing to do
  • clarify how to use one's competences most effectively
  • draw up individual career plans which they can use to bring themselves to the next step.

Career clarification provides insight

We believe that the best motivated and most valuable employees are those who contribute to creating their own career progression. Using their skills properly and being sufficiently challenged by new learning.

Although most employees are aware of their own responsibility for achieving a high “market value”, many are uncertain about how to go about this in practice. Here career clarification can help. We call it “The job in a new perspective.”

Use what you have - properly

The career clarification programme is particularly ideal in connection with  a career move - from employee to manager or from manager to specialist. Career clarification contributes to your organisation’s ability to unfold the full potential of its managers and employees, thereby optimising their performance.

The course consists of a number of one and a half hour sessions.

Karriereafklaring med AS3 Transition
Career clarification

The job in a new perspective

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